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Jeżeli nie wstydzicie się okazać prawdziwych uczuć i chcecie przelać je 'na papier' – tu możecie umieszczać swoje opowiadania i wiersze...
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Wychodząc na przeciw ogromnemu zapotrzebowaniu naszego społeczeństwa, na VIII Zjeździe KC FCLC, Komitet Centralny naszej Partii podjął uchwał o utworzeniu nowego działu – Recenzje płyt gitarowych... >> zobacz

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Szczecin is not a very big city in the noth-west of Poland, close to German border, close to the Baltic sea, and this year closer to Wrocław than ever... Yes, just like so many guitar fans in the world ,we were also caught in the wind of times ! Peace & love has dragged some of us to AlterEgo club ( where we could watch online every movement of the crowd on Wrocław Market... and at 16 00 we joined in as soon as the first sounds of HEY JOE filled the air.

The transmission was not perfect, the picture was sometimes blured or motionless, so we held our breath and kept our fingers crossed hoping technology would not let us downn.And it did not. HEY JOE went smooth .We were not many, but we were there - starting a new tradition of sharing every piece of love with the whole world on May 1st , formerly a communist Workers’ Day - a celebration of slavishly state-oriented labour.

Double pleasure : this time we went to AlterEgo to celebrate the union of true spirit and to feel the pulse of a new born global vibration.
While we waited to see how other people did it in other parts of the world,old Jimi Hendrix and other great musicians of that time set the scene.We could admire their craft , talent and power to carry people away. Never again will such emotions permeate music like that of 60’ and 70’.

I myself was extremely thrilled, as the co-organizer of the event in AlterEgo, as music fan, global union lover...and the sister of someone who had come back from Rio de Janeiro the day before ...with an electric guitar ...and , before I could say “hello” , was on his way to Wrocław to play with Leszek on stage. Thing go really mad when you see your folks playing HEY JOE..through the Internet! This is precisely the minute you realize that absolutely everything is possible.

So BE THERE next year! Share your unique experiences with us! We want to know all about you ! Because we are no longer strangers, no matter how small and modest your place may be. Just remember : you are the missing piece of love ... that makes all the difference!

Kamila Deba from Szczecin, May 2007